World Space Week focuses on space sustainability for this year’s events

Humanity’s role in space exploration is once again celebrated.

World Space Week 2022 begins Tuesday, October 4, with events highlighting the theme “Space and sustainability.”

The week is timed with the 65th anniversary of the launch of Sputnik from the Soviet Union, which became the first man-made object in orbit on October 4, 1957. Since then, thousands of satellites (and lots of space junk) incite discussions about the effects on astronomy, launches and other space activities.

“WSW will celebrate two branches of the topic to be covered: Achieving Sustainability in Space and Achieving Sustainability from Space,” event officials wrote, saying their focus was “the orbital area surrounding Earth himself [as] a finite resource.”

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This theme seems to be a response to the growing threat of megaconstellations, like SpaceXof the Starlink Internet project, as well as space collision events like a Russian anti satellite test that happened almost exactly a year ago in November 2021.

Learn more about key World Space Week events below and how you can organize your own event.

Organize an event

All World Space Week events are listed on this global calendar (opens in a new tab). (At this time, NASA and European Space Agency events are not yet listed.)

For your event to be listed there, four main steps must be followed: hold it between October 4 and 10, choose an activity (whose audience can range from preschoolers to seniors), plan the event with the “World Space Week”, then spread the word.

“We encourage you to send a press release to your local newspaper or local TV/radio station and announce it on social media, using the World Space Week hashtag,” the leaders said. organizers. (opens in a new tab). This year’s hashtags are #WSW2022, #worldspaceweek, #worldspaceweek2022 and #spaceandsustainabilitywsw.

More details on registering your event and tips for organizing it can be found on this World Space Week webpage (opens in a new tab). You can also tag your photos on Flickr to join a World Space Week album (opens in a new tab).

Examples of events (opens in a new tab) to understand:

  • Computers running space software or for browsing space websites
  • Space music concert
  • Distribute space literature
  • Exhibition of art, books or magazines, computer equipment, maps, moon rocks or meteorites, photographs, stamps, space memorabilia, or space-related student projects
  • Space Movies
  • Libraries offer books on space
  • Launch of a model rocket by students and adults
  • School activities to awaken children to mathematics and science
  • science fiction party

World Space Week Highlights

Official List of World Space Week Highlights (opens in a new tab) to understand:

  • US Vice President Kamala Harris announced a new coalition of space companies (opens in a new tab) which will focus on increasing the capacity of the space industry to meet the growing demand for skilled technical labor.
  • Chris Boshuizen, One Giant Leap Australia Foundation, Moonshot and RMIT Space Industry Hub announced “Mission: Sustainability” (opens in a new tab)a challenge for Australian students to design a sustainable space station of the future.
  • Prestwick Spaceport in the UK will release a short film to encourage young people to consider a career in Scotland (opens in a new tab) end-to-end space segment. The film will be made available to schools in conjunction with Skypath – a career initiative of South Ayrshire Council’s Economy and Regeneration Service.
  • The One Giant Leap Australia Foundation and space teams will organize “Mission OZ!” (opens in a new tab)a six-day virtual space mission for students aged 12 and up.

The Space Foundation

The Space Foundation’s list of World Space Week events (opens in a new tab) understand :

  • October 4: Boeing Art Showcase — Art in the Stars (opens in a new tab)
  • October 4: Reading the Earth: my first 4.54 billion years (opens in a new tab): Small Steps, Giant Leap engages little space explorers with interactive and creative storytelling.
  • October 5: Robots and Coding (opens in a new tab): Learn how robots work and how scientists use them in space exploration.
  • October 6: Space Matters (opens in a new tab): The Space Foundation’s second season of “Space Matters” brings together well-known political influencers for monthly high-level space policy conversations on emerging topics and trends within the global space economy.
  • October 7: Live Mission Briefing (opens in a new tab): This engaging classroom event will allow students from all walks of life across the country to explore fifty different STEAM careers associated with establishing a lunar colony.
  • October 8: Electricity and circuits (opens in a new tab): This month’s Tesla Toolbox workshop dives into electricity and circuitry.
  • October 9: #Space4Fun (opens in a new tab): 10th Anniversary Family Day: The Space Foundation Discovery Center celebrates 10 years.

White House Initiatives

Recently Announced White House Funding and Initiatives (opens in a new tab) for World Space Week 2022 include:

  • Military Space Careers Website: The Department of Defense will launch a space STEM careers page (opens in a new tab) to showcase career paths and increase awareness of career opportunities in the military space.
  • “Noggin’s Space Place” series: noggin (opens in a new tab)‘s Space Place, a collection of animated and live-action videos and assets, will release content including Kids Questions for Astronauts on the International Space Station, a special episode ofNoggin Knows,” and free teacher guides to help teachers use the learning materials.
  • Unstoppable mission to showcase women in space jobs: The weekly CBS TV show, Mission Unstoppable (opens in a new tab)will share stories of women from diverse backgrounds who contribute to the exploration, discovery and application of space-related knowledge, including systems engineers, climatologists, satellite maintenance technicians, astronomers and solar physicists.
  • New Educator Resource Center for Spatial STEM Materials: 100Kin10, (opens in a new tab) a national network of academic institutions, nonprofits, foundations, corporations and government agencies, will launch a new publicly available resource with free space-inspired educational materials and resources from learning for K-12 teachers and students.
  • Special Collection of Space Resources for STEM Educators: Discovery Education (opens in a new tab) will host a special “Space Week” collection of STEM space resources on its digital learning platform. These include space-focused STEM career videos and educational resources for educators from content partners including NASA, the National Science Foundation and Boeing.
  • Event on Data Science for Space and Sustainability: Hines Family Foundation (opens in a new tab), in partnership with the Atlanta University Consortium Data Science Initiative and the NASA Georgia Space Grant Consortium at Georgia Tech, will host “From STEM To Esteem: Space-motivated Tools and Strategies to Enable the 21st Century Underrepresented Workforce”. The event in Atlanta aims to increase the participation of data scientists from black and historically black colleges and universities in the space and sustainability industries.

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