Wednesday TV ratings: Fox’s vocal competitions against One Chicago


Looks like it was NBC vs. Fox, the One Chicago dramas vs. vocal competitions in premiere week on Wednesday, September 22. So, what has prevailed?

Well, the premieres of The Masked Singer and Survivor are tied for victory in the rankings for adults aged 18-49 (1.0), although both fell from their finals the previous season. (Both also lost viewers, with Survivor coming in fourth behind the three Chicagos in that figure.)

Chicago Fire was watched by the most viewers (7 million), followed by Med (6.54 million) and PD (6.35 million). While the first two lost a few viewers in last season’s finals, PD was roughly even.

When it comes to ABC comedies, The Goldbergs and Home Economics gained a few viewers in last season’s finals, while The Conners was roughly equal. However, compared to its last new live episode (in February 2020), The Conners was down significantly both in viewership (3.37 million vs. 6.2) and rating (0.6 vs. 1, 11). The network closed the evening with the comeback drama A Million. Little Things, which had been declining viewers since the Season 3 finale (2.0 million vs. 2.5).

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As for the new shows of the night, Alter Ego drew 2.85 million viewers and 3.07 million watched the reboot of The Wonder Years. While the latter may have been the most watched debut of the night, however, it falls to fourth place for the season so far, behind NCIS: Hawai’i (6.33million Monday at 10 / 9c ), FBI: International (6.24 million Tuesday at 10 / 9c), and Ordinary Joe (3.81 million Monday at 10 / 9c).

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