Valid 24-hour PCR test proof for public transport, venues


Citizens and tourists pose on the Bund.

From Monday, citizens are allowed to take public transport and enter public spaces with a 24-hour PCR test certificate, even if the result is not yet out, according to the prevention authority and Shanghai COVID-19 Control Center.

Proof that a nucleic acid test was performed within 24 hours will become a valid alternative for those who do not receive their PCR test result on time, aside from the negative 72-hour PCR report, said Xia Kejia , responsible for PCR Screening.

“We encourage citizens to take regular nucleic acid testing,” he said during the city’s COVID-19 press briefing on Sunday evening.

Test proof and time of PCR sample collection can be checked on the “Nucleic acid verification” page of the Suishenban app.

Areas with special PCR test stipulations and staff at special posts should always follow COVID-19 prevention and control rules, Xia added.

A negative 72-hour PCR report is required for admission to almost all public places and public transport after the two-month lockdown and control measures to combat the resurgence of COVID-19.

However, some citizens have complained that their PCR test result has not shown up after a long time, hampering their movement or access to public spaces.

Shanghai reported three community cases of COVID-19 and declared three more downtown areas as medium risk on Sunday.

The two confirmed cases with mild symptoms and asymptomatic infection were found in Baoshan and Hongkou districts. They were sent to designated hospitals for quarantine treatment and medical observation.

Valid 24-hour PCR test proof for public transport, venues


A large number of visitors on the Bund during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday.

“With the progress of work resumption and more movement among citizens, there are still scattered community infections and a risk of resurgence,” said Wu Jinglei, director of the Shanghai Health Commission.

As the city lifted the two-month lockdown and allowed citizens to resume normal work on June 1, community infections were reported in Jing’an, Pudong, Huangpu, Xuhui, Hongkou and Baoshan.

The new community infections include a 27-year-old woman in Yanghang Town in Baoshan, a 23-year-old man in Jiangwanzhen Subdistrict in Hongkou and a 21-year-old man in Beiwaitan Subdistrict in Hongkou.

Epidemiological investigations show that they visited Shanghai First Maternity and Infant Hospital, offices, shopping malls and restaurants in several districts such as Yangpu and Fengxian. All the spots they visited were disinfected.

All close contacts and related groups have received PCR screening and most have tested negative so far, while other samples are being tested.

Among the more than 300 environmental samples, one sample taken from the community trash can of a positive case tested positive.

1498 Wenchuan Road in Yanghang City in Baoshan District, 60 Chigou Road in Jiangwanzhen Subdistrict in Hongkou and 56 Kunming Road in Beiwaitan Subdistrict in Hongkou are now medium-risk areas.

There are now 14 medium-risk areas in the city.

Valid 24-hour PCR test proof for public transport, venues


Citizens line up to receive PCR tests in a local community.

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