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As you probably have noticed, Nenderosas is a site that deals with loans. Therefore, we will discuss how a new loan can often improve the financial situation. The important thing is to remember that this is not a new loan you take to be able to buy new things, but a loan that is solely for the purpose of reducing monthly costs.

How does it work?

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It may be a bit contradictory to take out a new loan when you already have debts, but here it is all about seeking a loan that is meant to lower the total interest expense paid each month.

After all, there are many loans that are very expensive to have. For example, many small loans cost a lot of money each month in interest, and there are also private loans that are of the smaller kind that also have high interest rates.

What you should do then is take out a cheaper loan that creates financial conditions for you to repay the expensive loans directly. Private loans are available for up to SEK 350,000 and can often cover many smaller credits. For example, if you own a home, you can lend it more if you do not have full loans at the moment.

A loan with a home as collateral is much cheaper than credit cards 

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All in all, a private loan or mortgage with a better interest rate can lower your total monthly cost by several thousand SEK, provided you have many small loans. Another benefit of collecting their loans is that you will not have as many payments to keep track of. If you can collect all the loans into just one loan, there is only one bill to be paid, which is usually much smoother.

If you want to borrow for that purpose, it will usually be easy to get help from your lender. Often there is a field in the loan form that you can fill in if you have just intended to use the money to repay other expensive loans. They usually help pay back these loans.


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