The most important rule for participating in scenario competitions



Are you doing your best against all the other writers with the same dream as you? Are you sure?

Some competitions, laboratories and scholarships receive more than 10,000 applications, including some from writers who have developed their art and their voice for years, even decades. They probably lost a lot more contests than they won, but they took their time, rose through the ranks, took notes and got better along the way.

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Contest readers want to find good scripts and they want to check out the next Greta Gerwig. So, trust that the readers of the legitimate contests know what they are doing and that they want you to improve. Trust the grades, rewrite, and enter three or four more contests until you stop getting bad grades or, better yet, win. From there you can move on to the bigger competitions and see how you fare.

Once you start winning, you could win amazing prizes including thousands of dollars in cash, trips to major festivals, presentations to top producers, agents, and more. And you’ll receive additional encouragement to elevate your art, improve your story, develop your voice, make new contacts, and build a pedigree that demonstrates to the industry that you are, in fact, a career-conscious screenwriter. This is what professionals do, and you are a professional on the rise.

Remember, Vince Gilligan (creator of breaking Bad) started his career from a small competition in Virginia. There is nothing wrong with starting small.


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