The Donegal locations for the Irish premiere of Other Land

Bundoran and Dunfanaghy will become the place to be when it comes to film premieres, as both will host a film launch this weekend.

A new film directed by Sligo-based filmmaker Alice Ward, starring surfer Vittoria Farmer, will premiere in Bundoran on Friday August 26 at Kicking Donkey at 8pm and The Workhouse, Dunfanaghy at 6pm on Sunday August 28.

Other Land follows the journey of Vittoria Farmer, a young Australian surfer who arrived in Donegal at the start of winter, as she navigates the raw landscapes and history of the west of Ireland.

This journey will engage the senses in a unique and powerful way, as Vittoria discovers for the first time the Atlantic Ocean, the wild and ever-changing elements and the ancient essence of Ireland. The film bears witness to the impact of the intertwining of land and sea on this talented surfer.

The inspiration behind the film is rooted in the ancient roots of Ireland and the wonder and mysticism present in many Irish surf spots. It is shot from land, sea and air.

The project showcases Vittoria’s immense talent in the water and is an important representation of women’s cold water surfing, which is often underrepresented in the media.

Behind the scenes of Other Land (lr): Vittoria Farmer and Alice Ward. Picture: Rose Ward

The creation of the film was a collaborative endeavour, bringing together musicians and artists from Donegal and the West Coast to help create a bespoke soundtrack and artwork for the film.

The soundtrack was produced by Orri McBrearty, a Dunfanaghy-based producer, musician and composer. He graduated with a BSc in Music Technology from Leeds Metropolitan University. He has extensive experience in sound design and composition, including for the National Gallery of Photography, the Regional Cultural Center and Little John Nee. He has produced, written and arranged experience with a wide range of artists including Rosie Carney, Romie and Dark Tropics. The artwork for the film was created by Ian Malone.

Speaking about the film, Ms Ward said she wanted to make this film because she is fascinated by our innate relationship with the ocean, especially in the bitter conditions of an Irish winter.

“I have tried to create a work that will engage the senses and let people feel that they are experiencing the ocean for themselves alongside Vittoria as she rides the mighty waves. The viewer, through the camera lens, will see towering cliffs, rocky lands, and expansive skies from the surfer’s perspective.

Along with upcoming local premieres, Other Land premiered in Portugal in July, where, out of 43 films, it won Best Soundtrack at the Portuguese Surfing Film Festival.

The short will also screen in the UK and New York in the coming weeks ahead of the film’s online release.

Admission to the screening is free in Bundoran and Dunfanaghy.


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