The Creative Industry Summit launches competitions for young creators

The Creative Industry Summit, an annual event that tackles all forms of creative enterprise and entrepreneurship, holds a series of competitions for some of the 21 tracks they cover this year. The competitions are intended to give future creatives the opportunity to showcase their work. An unlimited number of applicants can apply for each competition, which will be judged by professionals and speakers in their field – but only five winners will be selected per competition.

To apply, students are encouraged to post their submissions to their Instagram feed and add them to their Instagram story, tagging @creativeindmena in both cases. The lucky winners will have full access to the Creative Industry Summit 2021 at the Nile Ritz-Carlton in Cairo. The competitions will be divided into five categories: Photography, Fashion, Music, Film and Sustainability.

For photography students, it’s quite simple. Post one of your best shots to your Instagram and Stories, and keep your fingers crossed. Likewise, fashion students should only create a fashionable outfit in their own style.

The music track features two different competitions for music enthusiasts in collaboration with Nojara Productions and Let’s Go Big. The first contest is a free-streaming rap contest where students share user-generated content, while Creative Industry Summit and Nojara Productions repost your work on their pages. Meanwhile, the second competition targets English singers where students will share their own covers of famous songs.

Film students are encouraged to submit a film of their own creation, even if it is a bit old and was not produced specifically for the competition. Winners will be chosen based on the quality and creativity of their work.

Finally, sustainability students will be invited to share their best and most creative sustainability ideas and the students with not only the best, but also the most feasible ideas, will win.

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