Taiwanese police recorded 362 violations of COVID rules at “special entertainment” venues on Sunday | Taiwan News

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Police recorded a total of 362 violations while checking COVID prevention regulations at “special entertainment venues” across Taiwan on Sunday, March 27.

According to a Press release released Monday by the National Police Agency (NPA), police departments across the country mobilized a total of 2,619 personnel on Sunday to visit 4,951 sites. They found a total of 362 violations, which included employees and customers with inadequate vaccination status, customers not leaving information for contact tracing, and mask violations. Police will report violations to local governments so they can impose penalties, the agency said.

In light of a growing COVID-19 cluster in the northern port city of Keelung, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) on Sunday March 27 announced new rules to bolster COVID-19 prevention. in special entertainment venues, which include karaoke rooms, dance halls, night clubs, clubs, bars, special beauty salons, special cafes and tea rooms. The new rules will come into effect on Friday (April 1) and will remain in effect until the end of April,

Under the new measures, patrons entering “special entertainment” venues are required to produce proof of at least three doses of the vaccine. In the meantime, all employees of these establishments must have received their second dose more than 14 days ago; those who received their second injection at least 90 days ago should have already received their third dose in order to be able to continue their work.

In addition, employees will be required to take a rapid drug test every week until April 30, and only those who test negative will be able to continue providing services.

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