Taipei’s homeless entertainment venues will reopen from Tuesday



Taipei, Nov. 1 (CNA) Licensed entertainment venues in Taipei that do not employ hosts or hostesses will be allowed to reopen conditionally from Tuesday, the city’s deputy mayor Huang Shan said on Monday. shan (黃珊珊).

City officials began accepting applications from places such as nightclubs, dance halls and massage parlors on Monday, which would allow them to reopen their doors no earlier than Tuesday, Huang said at a conference. Press.

Adult entertainment venues that employ hosts and hostesses, meanwhile, will be allowed to request reopening from November 9 and will begin accepting customers from November 16, she added.

The city government’s announcement was made in accordance with previous Central Epidemic Control Center (CECC) guidelines issued on October 28, which gave the dates on which businesses closed since mid-May following a spike national cases of COVID-19 could reopen.

According to the CECC, despite the reopening, employees and customers must have at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, administered 14 days before entering these places.

Employees at those sites will also need to provide proof of a negative PCR test or rapid screening test performed within three days before offering services, the CECC said.

Employees who have not yet been fully immunized will need to have one PCR or rapid screening test per week.

People working and visiting these places will need to wear face masks at all times, the CECC said.

In addition, customers and employees will be required to undergo temperature control and meet identification requirements upon entering the premises.

Asked how the city government will ensure that employees and customers have been vaccinated, Huang said operators of these sites will need to provide a list of their employees to the government for verification.

Customers, for their part, will have to present their vaccination record at the entrances of the sites before being allowed to enter, she added.

(By Chen Yi-hsuan and Joseph Yeh)

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