Resumption of live and musical performances in Singapore in theaters,

March 24, Singapore COVID-19 Multi-Ministerial Task Force announced that from March 29, 2022, live performances will no longer be limited to concert halls only.

“Live shows will be allowed to resume at all venues, including F&B establishments. We will also allow live broadcasts to be broadcast in these establishments, and live performances and outdoor street performances will be allowed to resume,” the minister said. Lawrence Wang, which is part of the Multi-ministerial working group.

Audiences will also be able to return to some shots of pre-pandemic normalcy, as Wong continued to share: “We had also previously taken a strong stance against such group vocalizing activities as mass singing, due to the higher risk of transmission. »

“But given that we are now in a different position, we will begin to relax this restriction. As long as masks are worn throughout these activities, we will allow congregational singing, cheering from the public or event participants. , as well as singing in general settings, including our schools.

At the time of the report, it is not yet known if the public will be able to stand throughout the performances.

These changes come after new COVID-19 restrictions were eased, including increasing group sizes, increasing capacity to 75% for some venues and not requiring a mask to be worn at the venue. outside. The easing of restrictions on Singapore’s nightlife sector is still in place.

“There is another area that we are looking at, and that is the safe resumption of nightlife activities and that includes bars, pubs, karaoke establishments and nightclubs,” the minister said. finances.

“These are higher transmission risk activities, and it is also generally more difficult to comply with SMMs (Safe Management Measures) 1 to 5 in force in these contexts. Agencies are therefore still studying the resumption of activities in these areas and will provide an update on the reopening of the nightlife sector in the coming weeks. »

For more information on easing current restrictions, see the full address below.

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