Ontario’s Northern Frights Festival looking for film submissions


For the third year in a row, the Northern Frights Festival will take place this October 21 at the Sudbury Theater Center in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, Ontario’s premier horror festival. Promoter David Briggs of Distant field productions is behind all the action at the Northern Frights Festival again, and he’s looking for some of your hand-crafted horror and he can’t wait to see what kind of gruesome and terrifying submissions he will receive this year!

Of Northern Frights Festival webpage:

We love horror movies and we love the people who make them, so we want to show your movies! We are looking for all types of horror movies – monsters, psychopaths, killer plants, demon dogs, supernatural, super serious, hilarious, horrible, creepy clowns, possessed machines, ghost horror, found images… we all want them !!

Everything is allowed, as long as it is horror! Format side, this year we are focusing on short films, no more than 30 minutes. However, we MAY have time for the features. It depends on how things are going with the place. We don’t want to have a call just in case! So for now, shorts only. We’re also into documentaries, animation, play dough, puppets, magic, and we love trailers !!

Submit today and showcase your work to a whole new audience of horror fans! Help us celebrate our third Northern Frights Festival!

The poster for the Northern Frights Festival 2016

Are there any awards at the Northern Frights Festival? Of course there are!

Favorite shorts
Scariest movie
Best Original Soundtrack
Funniest horror movie
Most original story
Best Actor (Principal Men and Women)
Better visual effects
Best makeup
Best gore
favorite director
The Larry Dahlstrom Northern Horror Short Film Award (new for May 13, 2016)

So what are you waiting for? You want your movie to air and we want to see it! Opening of submissions on March 1, 2017. Click on this link to start.

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