International Dance Day: Dancers perform live at various events after two-year hiatus

On International Dance Day on Friday, dancers and choreographers were excited backstage in many of the city’s auditoriums as they went dancing in front of live audiences after a two-year hiatus. International Dance Day was celebrated in the city with many dance studios and dance groups showcasing their skills by participating in various dance programs in the city.

From kudos from gurus who have spent years dancing and establishing a following to new dancers showcasing their skills, every dancer in town was eager to show off their dance progress.

At the Bal Gandharva Rang Mandir, students from Sharvari Jemani’s dance company listened to their guru Sharvari as she gave them some last minute advice before their performance. Her students had 20 minutes to put on a beautiful Kathak recital as part of Nrutyotsav 22 where six dance institutes presented six different dance forms, from Bharatnatyam and Odissi to Kathak.

“Presenting a choreographed piece on International Dance Day is a blessing and an honor for my students. The only sad part is the lack of audience to watch their performance. There are several organized programs for the dance and hence the lack of a full house,” Sharvari said.

Tejashree Adige, dancer and organizer of the classical dance festival, said: “International Dance Day is an opportunity for choreographers and dancers to showcase their dance performances. As we celebrate the silver jubilee of the Nritya Kalamandir Sanstha, who has trained many dancers, we have also given awards and congratulations to dancers, in which we have awarded actress-dancer Sukanya Kulkarni for her contribution to the dance.

Latin American ballroom dancer Rocky Poonawala, who has promoted Latin American dance styles, said, “For me, dance is God and everyone in the world should dance; he must be respected as god himself. It is a form of expression that brings people together. The Rocky Poonawala Dance Academy held a special free Rumba workshop to celebrate International Dance Day.

Meanwhile, dance-goers were seen heading to The Box in Kothrud where the 13th Prayatna Film and Dance Festival 2022, organized by the Hrishikesh Pawar Contemporary Dance Center and the Avartan Dance Foundation, has started with renowned artists from various cities such as Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Delhi and Pune showcase their artistry and share their expertise through workshops.

“This International Dance Day gives us the opportunity to show what choreographers and dancers have been able to put in place after two years of Covid-19. We have artists and pieces have been choreographed during the pandemic. These artists have used their energy to create something very beautiful. There is a need for an aging population to get involved in art and spaces need to be a bit more inclusive, which is why we have an open community class on Saturday for teachers, facilitators, patients with Parkinson’s who will come together to create something exciting,” said Hrishikesh Pawar of the Hrishikesh Pawar Center for Contemporary Dance.

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