Get more efficient employees, reduce sick days and save money!

As a manager in a department or as a business owner, it is important that the employees have proper conditions and that their well-being is paramount. Its better employees have it while they are at work, its more effective are the ones and the likelihood that they go down and home with stress or other sick days is reduced. Ultimately, the company saves money by making employees feel good.

Clear communication

 Clear communication

As a leader, whatever the context is, it is a clear advantage to be ready in the saliva when communicating with his employees. In this way, the employees are not in doubt as to what is expected of them and that will benefit the company in the long term, but also the individual employee. By feeling involved in company plans, employees will automatically take responsibility and ownership of their duties, and often with the result that they will work harder for the business and be more efficient.

To the same extent, it is important that you, as a leader, listen to the employees’ concerns and take any action on their part. A good way to involve employees and show them trust is by offering them courses of one kind or another, in the form of being a course in Excel, where they have the ability to improve their skills. Furthermore, it is important for the individual employees to get a praise once in between, in which case it is well-informed, why it is important as a leader to be able to praise, but also give constructive feedback if there are things that can be done better.

Strategy and goals


By involving employees in relation to future goals of the company and making clear methods and strategies on how to achieve these, employees will get blood on their teeth and, with better planning of their activities, they will feel more pressure on their jobs and it should not be neglected. , as it is of great importance to their welfare. By being aware of in which way the company works or just their department, the employees will no doubt feel more confident about the work and it can help to reduce any stressors when you know where to move. Work-related stress can be an expensive pleasure for a company, as the burden on the other employees becomes greater and if it is a person who has a specific knowledge, this can be difficult to replace or if that person has unique skills.



It is scientifically conscious that the managers who give their employees greater autonomy or freedom get happier employees. They feel like an important piece of business development and involved in decision making. To the same extent, the importance of employees having influence and power over any results should not be neglected. As human beings we become happier and more effective when we create results that both give meaning to ourselves, but to the same extent for the workplace we have. Therefore, a management style with “freedom under the responsibility” principle will be beneficial for both the company but also the employees.

To sum up, happier employees will be less sick and ultimately it will be seen on the bottom line of the company.

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