February 17. Kazinform Major Events Timeline

February 17.  Kazinform Major Events Timeline

NUR-SULTAN. KAZINFORM – Kazinform Timeline is the one-stop-shop where you can learn about the historic events of February 17. Learn about notable events that happened throughout Kazakhstan’s history on February 17.

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World Information Governance Day (GIGD) is an international celebration that takes place on the third Thursday of February. It aims to raise awareness of information governance.


2005 – Chairman of the Committee on International Relations, Defense and Security of the Senate of the Kazakh Parliament, PhD, professor, eminent statesman, diplomat and journalist Kuanysh Sultanov joins the Council of Elders of the Organization for Security and cooperation in Europe.

2009 – The Foreign Intelligence Service of Kazakhstan Syrbar subordinate and responsible to the Kazakh President is established.

2013 – Kazakh cinematographer Aziz Zhambakiyev wins Berlin Film Festival’s Harmony Lessons Film Award.

2016 – Astana hosts a premiere of the full documentary Sagadat Nurmagambetov. The latest interview produced by the Sh. Kazakh Cinema Studio Aimanov.

2018 – Kazakh journalists receive the Prize of the International Organization of Turkish Culture for the contribution of the media to the promotion of the common values ​​of the countries of the Turkish world.

2021 – Kazakh Taufik Karimov wins the London International Literary Prize in the “Stars” category in the Small Prose category – Charles Dickens Prize – for his book Fata Morgana.

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