Evolv technology makes security smarter and more proactive to reopen sites safely


WALTHAM, Mass .– (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Evolv Technology (NASDAQ: EVLV), the global leader in weapon detection security screening, today announced new advancements for Evolv Insights â„¢, the company’s powerful SaaS-based analytics dashboard that provides security and operations professionals with the ability to comprehensively review, analyze, and collect valuable data on demand from the Evolv Express® system to prevent massive losses.

As vaccination rates continue to rise, more and more sites are once again welcoming guests in a safe and responsible manner. Rising levels of gun violence, along with social unrest fueled by the global COVID-19 pandemic, have simultaneously heightened the unease among guests when visiting public places. Evolv Insights helps sites keep their guests safe by providing on-demand information to security experts to ensure all entry points are secure and visitors flow through without queuing, creating threats to Security. Experts in site operations can also use this information to improve the experience of their visitors.

Security solutions have long been viewed as sunk costs for executives. Smart sites use advanced technology from Evolv to add value to the site, while keeping it more secure. Site operations can now draw on the expertise of security professionals and the information they gather in decision making, from staffing decisions to traffic management and monitoring decisions. through retail offerings and concessions that provide exceptional visitor experiences. Evolv Insights strengthens security-focused site operations by helping to explore and compare data such as visitor arrival curves, system performance, alarm statistics, detection settings, traffic analysis. threat categories and event-specific statistics.

“Responsible sites and workplaces that welcome guests and employees put safety and security at the forefront of this initiative, and Evolv Insights is providing the data and information needed to deliver the safest possible experience.” , said Peter George, CEO of Evolv. “The ability to be proactive, continuously improve and even predict a site’s security requirements in order to avoid future risks and provide a better guest experience is what security operations and site. We are happy to continue to advance the digital threshold to fill this void. ”

“With the improved tablet threat tagging workflow, our guards will be able to tag alerts more accurately and efficiently,” said Michael Van Tubbergen, Security Operations Manager, Four Winds Casino. “The new Alert Category Analysis dashboard gives us detailed visibility into what threat elements are detected and allows us to provide easy and accurate reporting to our security, operations and management teams.”

“As we look to the future, I want to make sure there is no complacency on the part of the operator. It is about quality assurance and quality control. “What if” analysis gives me that ability, “said Kevin Wilkes, director of security, Pittsburgh Cultural Trust. “Insights Analytics helps us better understand shows, our customers and the users of our space. I could use that data and show executives the required posture: that Broadway, opera houses, and children’s shows don’t all demand the same level of safety. and staff ”

Improvements to Evolv Insights deliver security and operational analytics that make sites smarter. Site leaders can get the data they need on the go to optimize security, staffing, traffic flow and resource utilization. Data-driven decisions with Evolv Insights increase operational efficiency and improve the customer experience while maintaining a high level of site security in the following ways:

  • On demand: Understanding what your security posture is at all times and being able to proactively address potential human security risks is what security and operations managers need. The new mobile access functionality provides key metrics and remote scanner management to enable data-driven decisions about their security posture from any location, for more responsive site management.
  • Based on the data: Improving site security posture, staffing, training and resource planning has never been possible with security screening up to Evolv Insights. New advancements in reporting allow a deeper understanding of potential threats and fine-tuning of the system to provide improved security and experience for visitors to the site, including querying threat types and alarm rates , informed decisions regarding sensitivity parameters and a better understanding of the characteristics of the event.
  • Connected: Large halls and campuses have several different access points. New remote management capabilities allow administrators anywhere on campus or around the world to access Evolv Express systems for remote configuration and monitoring, including important notifications and system changes.

These advances will generally be available on October 8.e. For more information on Evolv Express, Evolv Insights, or to view a demo, visit our website.

About Evolv technology

Evolv Technology (NASDAQ: EVLV) is a leader in weapon detection for security screening, securing the world’s most iconic sites and businesses. Its mission is to enable a better experience and better security for sites, by creating a safer world to work, learn and play by transforming physical security to make everywhere safer. It provides sports fans, theme park visitors, spectators, buyers, employees, students and others with peace of mind so they can come together without fear of violence. Its security check scanned more than 100 million people, just behind the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) of the Department of Homeland Security in the United States, and its technology combines powerful and advanced sensors with proven artificial intelligence (AI), security ecosystem integrations; and comprehensive site scanning to reliably detect threats 10 times faster than traditional metal detectors.

Evolv Technology, Evolv Express®, Evolv Insights ™, and Evolv Cortex AI ™ are registered trademarks or trademarks of Evolv Technologies, Inc. in the United States and other jurisdictions.

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