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  • The Abbey Inn & Spa in Peekskill is housed in a former convent.

While the area is home to all kinds of wedding venues (vineyards, country clubs, old factories, farms, even castles!), there’s something so Hudson Valley about a cozy inn, whether it’s bursting with greenery or sprinkled New Year’s snowfall. Typically featuring a handful of rooms and manicured grounds, these hostels are distinct from boxy and often crowded hotels. But it can be easy to lump them together on the first Google search. They are certainly all beautiful and emphasize Hudson Valley hospitality. But each inn attracts a different type of wedding: rustic and informal, cozy and historic, woodsy and private. Some have big weddings all the time and can keep guests busy all weekend; others are favored for their romantic elopement packages. For all sorts of needs, here’s your guide to the seven best wedding inns in the valley.

Buttermilk Falls Inn & Spa | Milton

The sprawling 75 acres of Buttermilk Falls Inn & Spa in Milton allow couples to mix and match all event spaces and accommodations. Overlooking the Hudson, the waterfront patio could be the site of the ceremony or the reception. Likewise, the barn is suitable for a farmhouse reception or a cocktail party on the wraparound porch. The main inn contains seven rooms, but the outbuildings cater to a variety of needs. The couple tend to stay in the Pony’s Pad because it’s private but located in the middle of the property. Brides often get ready in the River Mansion because the huge windows give out such good light. “In the summer and spring, it gets ridiculously beautiful,” says Sam Austin, wedding and corporate sales manager. “Everything is flourishing. The bees are buzzing in the aviary. The roosters are crowing. It’s so nice to walk around the property for a breather.

ElmRock Inn | stone ridge

The ElmRock Inn bed and breakfast is saturated with romantic history. The Dutch Colonial Farmhouse was built in 1770. In fact, the Stone Ridge site is only an hour away from where Alexander Hamilton exchanged vows with Elizabeth Schuyler. Even the trees are historic in a 250-year-old locust grove that has seen countless love stories. “It has this historic charm,” says Kimberly Weeks, co-owner and director of catering and events. “Intimate events at the Inn are very special.” Although a tent can accommodate up to 200 people outside, the great room makes a good impression inside with high ceilings and a long table set with farm-to-table dishes prepared on site by the chef/owner Mark Suszczynski. A bluestone patio can be used for extra dancing or cocktails. End the night outdoors with a fire pit, cornhole, and converted RV bar to keep revelers busy.

Foxfire Mountain House

When a couple wanted a wedding weekend that spoke to both of their cultures – an Indian ceremony on the first day and a traditional Western wedding the next – it meant flowers and food had to be reinvented overnight. The solution to the logistical frenzy was Foxfire Mountain House in Mount Tremper. The Catskills Inn, which seats 125 and lodges 30, offers a full weekend package that allows exclusive access to the 10.5 acres. Chef/Owner Tim Trojian oversees on-site catering and event planning is included. “At many properties, you only have a day or the afternoon,” says operations manager Chris Sikora. “You put in all that work and emotion and money, and then the site coordinator taps you on the shoulder and says you have to wrap it up. You want to be the main focus of the weekend.

Bed and Breakfast Old Drovers Inn | Dover Plains

Of all the features of the Old Drovers Inn — the colonial barn, the friendliness of the staff, the location adjacent to the Appalachian Trail — it’s the restaurant that receives the most positive comments and reviews, according to its wedding Helene Rosenkranz. The time-tested menu features options like farmhouse cheddar and apple pies, lager braised ribs, chicken saltimbocca and country cookie jars. But of course, the goal is to serve, so dishes can be adapted to dietary restrictions and preferences. An Italian family requested a pasta course and a Scandinavian couple couldn’t celebrate without some kind of herring. In addition to five hours of open bar, two signature cocktails can speak to the couple, like margaritas in a nod to a first date. The Dover Plains Inn has six bedrooms, plus an annex accommodation. Seating 220 people, the barn lends old-world charm with vaulted ceilings and 200-year-old reclaimed wood.

The 1850 House Inn & Tavern | Rosendale

Located on Main Street in Rosendale, 1850 House presents the conveniences and conveniences of being in town without sacrificing a scenic mountain location. Guests can hike, rock climb, kayak, catch a screening at the Rosendale Theatre, tour farms, or travel a few miles down the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail to sip whiskey in the tasting room at Coppersea Distilling. Overlooking Rondout Creek, an outdoor ceremony seats 80, and receptions shine under dimly lit tents. Founded in 1850, the inn has 10 rooms, including a two-bedroom suite decorated with period photographs. The tavern, a haunt for locals, offers booze, catering and rehearsal dinners – think truffle parmesan fries, crispy Brussels sprouts and crab cakes for the informal party kind of late night that no one wants to leave.

The Abbey Inn & Spa | a look

After a rose-tinted sunset ceremony and cocktails on the terrace at Peekskill Abbey, wedding guests are taken to a 19th-century chapel converted into a castle-like ballroom. A relic of when the inn actually served as a convent, the Highlands Ballroom works with multiple aesthetics, from a woodsy wedding to a fairy tale brought to life. Specializing in intimate events for a maximum of 120 guests, the Abbey is committed to hosting only one wedding per day. Catering features local dishes such as striped bass crudo and a chef’s charcuterie table, and a custom cake from Homestyle Desserts Bakery is included. Brides can treat themselves to wedding spa packages with hot tubs and saunas.

The garrison | Garrison

Winter is perhaps the most beautiful time of year at the Garrison, nestled in the Hudson Highlands, and not all locations in the Hudson Valley can handle off-season nuptials of 200 people. Views abound from the snow-capped Catskills, and floor-to-ceiling windows in the River and Hudson rooms show off the 300 acres of frosted property. But a warm weather wedding can be just as spectacular. In the ceremonial garden, a pergola made of intertwining bittersweet vines stands on a mountain. The wedding package gives you an open bar, past cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, a champagne toast, a three- or four-course meal, accompanying wines, and cake. (The on-site Garrison Farm supplies many of the ingredients for Valley Restaurant’s seasonal menu.) The couple can add family-friendly experiences like rounds of golf or a lawn barbecue as a rehearsal dinner. After the big day, the family typically retreats to the seven-room, country-themed inn.

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