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The Shanghai Health Commission reported a total of 6 locally transmitted COVID-19 cases this morning, Friday, July 15. Another 39 asymptomatic local cases were also reported.

Of the 6 new local cases reported, 6 tested positive during central quarantine, while 0 tested positive during regular screening.

Of the 39 new local asymptomatic cases reported, 39 tested positive during central quarantine, while 0 tested positive during regular screening.

City-wide crackdown on entertainment venues…

A citywide crackdown on entertainment venues in Shanghai is underway, with three rounds of mass inspections launched at local restaurants, beauty salons and other service sectors until the end July.

A pub’s business license has already been revoked for breaching COVID-19 prevention rules, while an internet bar and three poker lounges are under police investigation.

The pub had not asked employees to take daily PCR tests, or customers to scan the venue code, causing COVID-19 infections to spread, the Yangpu district government said. The owners of the pub have been blacklisted.

An illegally reopened karaoke lounge in Putuo district is the source of more than 300 positive cases and more than 200 high and medium risk areas across the city.

Karaoke bars, internet cafes, mahjong and poker parlors, live role-playing venues (we blame the goblins), and other indoor recreation areas are currently prohibited from reopening.

Shanghai wants you to take your booster shot…

As sporadic community infections reappear in the city, authorities are encouraging people to get vaccinated against COVID-19. If you haven’t got yours yet, here’s how to sign up:

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In other COVID news…

The Chinese travel code, used to check the travel history of people in the country, now only checks users’ travel history over a 7-day period, as opposed to the previous 14 days:

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This restrictive star symbol will no longer appear on the Travel Code app:

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China has further eased restrictions for foreign arrivals into the country, with a 7-day centralized quarantine plus a 3-day “health watch” at home (the “7+3” policy) the norm:

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A negative PCR test result obtained within the last 72 hours is currently essential in Shanghai if you want to participate in “normal life” – click on the link below to find out where to get one:

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Meanwhile, Shanghai residents who do not take a PCR test within seven days of their last test will see their health codes turn yellow:

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