2021 Busan 3 new unique venues selected: Busan X the Sky, P.ARK and Busan e-Sports Arena, Business News

Busan Metropolitan City and Busan Tourism Organization selected new sites through document review (1st) and on-site inspection (2nd).

Busan X the Sky has excellent efficiency and experience in hosting events such as suitability for Busan, event performance, suitability, etc. P.ARK hosts medium to large sized events with mixed indoor/outdoor facilities. and Busan e-Sports Arena attracting interest from Greater China.

Gradual support for new/growing/refined… “Direct support will be strengthened.”

February 23, 2022, Seoul, South Korea /PRNewswire/ — Busan’s major MICE venues, Busan X the Sky, P.ARK and Busan e-Sports Arena, have been officially registered as Busan Unique Venues 2021. Featuring conference facilities and infrastructure being able to organize MICE events of various sizes, the venues are expected to greatly contribute to attracting domestic and foreign MICE events to Busan.

@Busan X The Sky / P.ARK / Busan e-Sports Arena (BRENA)

Busan Metropolitan City and Busan Tourism Organization (BTO) have received applications for Busan Unique Places Recruitment 2021 from December 24 to 31 last year and carried out a document and on-site verification inspection on the 18th from last month. The 3 selected locations are Busan X the Sky, PARK and Busan e-Sports Arena. For sites that passed the document review, the Busan MICE Industry Division and BTO Convention Bureau (CVB) conducted the on-site inspection. The judging criteria are Busan-related characteristics, event hosting experiences, suitability for unique venues, and foreign language ability. To be selected as a unique venue, a score of 80 or higher must be obtained from each of the two agencies.

Busan Unique Sites Selection Criteria

* Specific features related to Busan, such as history, culture and art

* Other than existing specialized MICE meeting facilities (excluding conventions, wedding venues and hotels)

* Ability to host meetings of more than 30 people

* Availability of indoor rental and catering as well as operation at all times

Busan X the sky received high marks for hosting capacity under 100 people and experience of hosting various MICE events such as G-STAR 2021 Welcome reception. PARK got a pass for a combined indoor and outdoor facility capacity that can accommodate medium to large-scale events with over 1,000 people.

Busan e-Sport Arena received high marks for its location in the old city center, which lacks meeting rooms, and the potential to attract MICE, reflecting the interest in electronic sports, which has recently spread mainly in Greater China.

Evaluation of unique places in Busan


Evaluation criteria

The description



Related to Busan


A place that can express the unique characteristics of Busan and

charms, such as history, culture and art



Event hosting


MICE events (national and foreign associations/societies,

corporate events) hospitality experience



Unique location suitability

Food and drink, catering availability and possession of

meeting materials, etc.



A foreign language


Ability to respond to overseas MICE hosts and participants in

English, Chinese, etc.




The Busan Metropolitan City and BTO have categorized the unique venues into three stages: “new, growing and matured” and plan to strengthen direct support through phased support, starting this year. The concrete support measures are: 1. Unique Venue Self-Promotion and Marketing Grant, 2. a support system via an open call to 17 existing and new Unique Venues venues in 2021, 3. subsidies for advertising costs such as advertising, promotion and printed materials4. Production of B-Unique Venue promotional content, including a responsive eBook and Unique Venue promotional video, and 5. provide training and guidance for each phase.

A BTO official said, “In the contactless society due to COVID-19, the tourism and MICE demand for Unique Venue is increasing remarkably.” “These are invaluable assets for attracting and hosting national and international MICE events in Pusan. We will spare no effort to lay the groundwork for holding events in Unique Venues and constantly discover new venues so that we can practically support them,” he stressed.

Busan has discovered Unique Venues that exhibit the unique characteristics of Pusan and actively use them to attract MICE events. In particular, 80% or more of the international conference organizers in 2021, WHO participated in the multiple district unique places competition project, expressed satisfaction with the unique places. This year, Unique Venue support will be expanded.

Indeed, 93% of the organizers of the international conference, WHO participated in Haeundae International Conference Complex (HAEVENUE) Unique Venue Competition Project last year, expressed satisfaction with the 2020 International Fish Nutrition and Feeding Symposium held in Nurimaru. And 92.5% of them said they were satisfied with the Federation of Immunological Societies of Asia-Oceania (FIMSA 2021) held at MUSEUM 1.

Also, the 128and Korea Chemical Society Symposium, General Assembly and Equipment Exhibition (Busan X Sky Observatory) and the 98and The Korea Society of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine (BEXCO) symposium had an attendance rate of over 80%.

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