Lars von Trier is looking for movie submissions for a user-generated project

Jan Buus / Zentropa Lars von Trier.

As he prepares his next cinematic provocative act, the Danish director Lars von Trier invites audiences to engage in their own acts of filmmaking as part of a user-generated project that seeks to reinterpret well-known works by Paul Gauguin, August Strindberg and Albert Speer, among others.

On Monday, Mr. von Trier, whose films include “Melancholia,” “Antichrist” and “Dancer in the Dark,” announced the creation of a project called Gesamt, which is produced by the Copenhagen Art Festival and asks participants to submit their own works of up to five minutes in length. As a press release from the project explains, the German word gesamtkunstwerk can mean “universal work of art” or “synthesis of art”; and participants can create their works “through the lens of their camera or sound recording”.

This being the case, Mr von Trier, there are certain specific conditions that submissions must meet. In particular, they should take inspiration from one of the six existing plays: “Ulysses” by James Joyce (which, as the press release mentions, was “formerly banned in the United States because it was considered obscene and obscene. “); Strindberg’s play “The Father” (“a vivid example of a dysfunctional family”); Gauguin’s painting “Where do we come from? Who are we? Where are we going? ”; Improvisations by French composer César Franck; the work of Sammy Davis Jr. (“ who entered people’s hearts through song ”); or“ the somewhat more controversial monument the Zeppelinfield in Nuremberg, created by Hitler’s principal architect, Albert Speer.

As the von Trier finalists will recall, the director was excluded of the Cannes Film Festival last year after jokingly saying about Hitler: “I sympathize with him a little.”

Submissions will be accepted until September 6 and will be compiled into a larger work by Jenle Hallund, a Danish director who has worked with Mr von Trier on films like “Melancholia”. This final work will debut on October 12 at the Kunsthal Charlottenborg in Copenhagen. As the project announcement points out: “Technical skills are not the highest priority – originality and enthusiasm are much more important. “

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Latest call for applications for Bahamian films for FLIFF on Location: Take 2

Last update: 6 Feb 2017 – 14:32:04

FREEPORT, Bahamas – Deadline for

submissions for local filmmakers interested in participating in the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival (FLIFF) on Location. The deadline for submissions for High School, College, Open Bahamian Short, and Open Bahamian Feature is 5:00 p.m. Friday August 3, 2012.

The Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival will feature an expanded film competition on the island of Grand Bahama, October 25-28. Organizers have requested nationwide original films for competition in four categories. “We received submissions in each of the categories,” said Donna Mackey, Senior Director, Film Development.

Here are the categories and guidelines for submissions

    • open

      to any high school student, aged 14 to 18 as of August 1, who resides in the Bahamas.

    • 5 minutes or less, addressing a topic of their choice.

    • open

      to any student residing in the Bahamas.

    • 5 minutes or less, addressing a topic of their choice.

    • open

      to any resident of the Bahamas.

    • 30 minutes or less, addressing a topic of their choice.

    • open

      to any resident of the Bahamas.

    • up

      90 minutes, tackling a theme of their choice.

Participants (who will be called and referred to as “directors”) should harness the creative ideas, organize the production of the film and take overall responsibility for every aspect of the film. There is no limit to the number of films a director can submit, but each entry must be original and entered separately.

Applicants are invited to submit their applications to [email protected], by mail to PO Box F-40251, or directly to the Grand Bahama Department of Tourism office, 1st Floor Fidelity Financial Center, Poinciana Drive. The deadline for submissions is August 1, 2012. Finalists must provide 30-second and 60-second trailers of their films in HD format, and must provide 5 copies of their production on playable DVD, as well as 2 discs of data containing the movie files in .mov or .avi file formats. Films in each category must be produced in HD format. All participants will be able to view the status of their application through the Bahamas Film Commission: Grand Bahama Facebook page –

Last year, a total of 12 New Providence and Grand Bahama films, ranging in length from 2 minutes to 63 minutes, were shown in the High School and Open Bahamian competitions. The winners were “Politicking in Paradise”, “Shakespeare in LYTS” and “Cyber-Bullying” respectively. This year, nominations are expected to come from all islands in the Bahamas.

Hosted at Canal House, Pelican Bay Hotel, ‘FLIFF On Location’ will feature local and international films, outdoor screenings, a Career Achievement Award presentation, specialist workshops [including underwater cinematography], location scouting for international filmmakers and a closing night / awards ceremony at the Grand Lucayan Resort.

For more information, contact: Donna Mackey: [email protected] (Senior Manager – Film Development, Ministry of Tourism, Grand Bahama Island)

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